Monday, September 10, 2012

The kids are all right...and dad...we'll see

I thought that movie title was a good one for today's blog, because my kids are doing all right.

Dawson started first grade this year at a Greek charter school.  His first day he told the family he loves it.  The next day he told us he hated it.  Upon further exploration, it was deteremined (by him) that he didn't hate it, but it did take too long.  When my father asked him how long school should take, he said, "One second."  Pop (a.k.a. my father) then tried to help him realize getting a job with only a few seconds worth of education probably won't work.  He promptly informed my father that he was going to live with the animals, skin some of them for food, and eat others in order to survive.  I couldn't make this up if I had to, but the befuddled look on my father's face was priceless.  So that makes the score now Dawson 1 and Pop 0.  I have a feeling Dawson will be cursing me out in Greek pretty soon.  I plan to laugh.  His biggest accomplishment this summer was learning how to boogie board.  Next stop is learning how to ride a bike without training wheels.  A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children here we come!  I hope they have a frequent flyer program.

David is in fourth grade and starting in a new school.  He's still in the gifted program, and is glad to see a lot of his friends.  He's not too excited about the homework though.  Today, he reminded me that I promised to enroll him in karate.  What was I thinking?  I already go at 900 m.p.h., now I've gotta fight a soon-to-be Ninja?  Guess I better get ready.  He's also turned into a ladies man (somebody just needs to let him know that).  I like to think he's a chip off the old block.  He met a girl at camp this summer.  She informed my sister-in-law that she thought he was "the cutest thing."  Then I saw her picture.  I was proud.  Then I heard she was 13.  I passed out.  Guess I have a "birds and the bees" talk in my near future.  Maybe I should tape the whole thing in case I need a laugh later on.  David also learned to surf with me.  We both "bit it" quite hard, but riding a few waves was worth every minute of being bounced off the ocean floor. 

As for me I'm pretty much plugging along, until recently.  I found out a dear friend from college and the father of one of my co-workers both have cancer.  I HATE THAT @#$% DISEASE.  I'm in the Relay for Life this year with several of my co-workers.  We'll be walking.  Right now, I'm so pissed at that disease I might just walk all night.  I might just drag the boys with me.  We'll see. 

Today was rough, but I made it through with my sanity in tact.  Thank you all for your prayers, notes, and support.

Hope you all stay safe and stay blessed.