Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We have spent the last few days enjoying our time together, while also trying to prepare our house for the holidays and family gatherings. My list is almost done, but I am tired. I am not sleeping well (to be expected) and am trying to be Superwoman (and Supermom).

Dave has class this evening, so I am on my own with the boys tonight. I am planning on resting this afternoon while Dawson naps, but I just need my mind to rest also. We met with the cosmetic surgeon today to talk about the surgery and I left feeling a little better about what is happening. She is laid back and really listens to our concerns and questions. We always feel hopeful leaving her office. I had a moment of quiet in the car today and took the opportunity for prayer. "God, I am trusting you with this surgery. I don't what is going to happen, what complications, if any, but I trust Him."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is an unseasonably warm Thanksgiving day here in Wilmington - 70 degrees at the moment! We have so much to be thankful for and we are looking at today as much more than just a day to eat! We are seen here with Dave's parents. Barbara's family will be coming into town in just another week.

Truly wishing you and your family blessings upon blessings for the year to come. Love, The Anderson Family

Saturday, November 17, 2007

More lists!

I met with the physical therapist yesterday who explained to me what exercises I can do as soon as possible after surgery. I was a little overwhelmed. Dave and I are going to create some sort of checklist to follow so I will actually do everything I am supposed to do. Coach Dave is going to have to push me to do some, because the therapist said that there are some I will not want to do. It will be uncomfortable but I need to keep in mind the benefit of doing them - getting back to normal, sooner rather than later!

Before I met with her, I arrived early and decided to sit in the parking lot and eat my lunch. (Arriving early is a rare occurrence for me!) So, I enjoyed listening to the radio and the solitude for a few minutes. Then it hit me - the next time I come to this office, I will be changed. So much of my life will be different! I will be 2-4 weeks post-op and will not be skipping down the sidewalk to her office. The song on the radio confirmed that "He has promised good to me." The vision of God walking (slowly) beside me as I entered that building the next time came to mind; the pain in His face as I struggle with everyday tasks; and, the love. God will get to you in those quiet moments, when you least expect it. The therapist said that I was handling all of this pretty well. I told her, "You didn't see me crying in the parking lot."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My boys

I am going to take this opportunity to talk about my boys. I have really enjoyed spending time with them and not feeling so sick and tired. David and I had started reading a large book over the summer (300+ pages). We didn't get very far before we had to return it to the library. I remember thinking that the chapters were so long and difficult to read. I now realize that they weren't as long as I remember. We were reading that book while I was receiving the chemo treatments and everything seemed labored. I am enjoying it much more this time around!

I had to get new shoes for the boys the other day and as we were approaching the mall, David asked if we could get Crocs. I asked how he even knows what crocs are! He told me he knows a lot of things because he is in Kindergarten.. When we got to the store, the first thing he asked the saleswoman was, "Do you have Skechers?" I thought I had more time before brand names became important.

Today, David was very proud of himself. He informed me at 7:30 a.m. that he had cleaned up our playroom, because he is "just a good guy."

Dawson has also made his Daddy proud. Whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night, his first request is to watch Elmo (that isn't what makes Dave proud). When that is denied, his next request is football. Unfortunately for Dawson, neither one is on at 5 a.m., or at least not in our house.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prep mode

I spent Dawson's nap today wrapping Christmas presents. Yes, it is only the middle of November but we will be celebrating with Barbara's family at the end of this month. I am happy that the stores have started stocking their shelves after Halloween. This way, I get to enjoy all of the Christmas merchandise!

My mind has trouble thinking about something other than this surgery - how it is going to affect me and my family. I meet with a physical therapist this week to discuss what will happen after the surgery. Christmas shopping and wrapping is a nice distraction!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Moved Mountains

I had the opportunity to speak last weekend at a Ladies' Tea. One of my topics was how we don't always know everything that is happening in a friend's life. The analogy I used was based on the lyrics of a song which said, "Don't get comfortable, I'm going to move this mountain. Then, I'm going to move you with it." I told how God sure moved a mountain in my life, but some of the "moved mountains" in other people's lives aren't always as noticeable. I spoke how the love and encouragement we show to a friend could be much more needed than we know. Some of the phone calls, cards, emails, etc. that I have received have come at a time when I was in great need of support.

One morning this week, I was lying in bed, thinking about our day and a friend came to mind. I thought that it would be nice to visit her, but wasn't sure of her schedule. I had a significant prompting to call her, so I did to see if Dawson and I could visit. She was available so we stopped by her house. We had a great visit and as I was leaving, she told me that she had wondered if her husband sparked this visit. The day before, she was having a rough time and really needed a friend. She thought maybe her husband had contacted me and told me what was happening. He didn't call me, but God laid her on my heart and He knew about her moved mountain. His goodness shines through!

More good news!

Back on October 11th, I posted that Dawson was going to have a developmental evaluation. We went to that on November 1st. The tests showed that he was delayed, but not delayed enough to qualify for services. Both the speech and physical therapists completed a clinical judgment form that would go before a committee to decide, based on their judgment, whether he would qualify. I received the news yesterday that he has been accepted for therapy. This means that we will not need to go through a private agency. We are very pleased that he will be receiving therapy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We have a date!

I met with the surgeon today and my surgery is scheduled for December 4. The scheduling nurse first said that she had this Friday available and I almost had a heart attack! But, with coordinating schedules with the cosmetic surgeon and the OR, December 4th was the first date all of that could come together.

The surgeon explained to us what will be happening in the surgery. Prior to meeting with him, we knew what would be happening with the affected side and thought we knew with the other side. But, after speaking with him and the way things looked on my MRI pre-chemo, he wants to test the sentinel node on the other side also. I was thinking that my underarm would not need to be cut on that side, but he wants to make sure everything is out of there. I want to treat this aggressively, but just wasn't prepared for that.

We are now in prep mode - mentally and physically. How do you prepare for something like this?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Overflowing with Joy

The news of those test results is really starting to hit me - I don't have cancer anymore! David has heard me talking about it and said at dinner tonight that since the cancer is gone, I don't need to get that yucky medicine anymore (chemo). We told him that he was right and he asked if it meant I needed to do anything else. We explained to him what is next but emphasized that all of this needs to happen to try and keep the cancer from coming back.

I have had the opportunity to talk to many people this week about a lot of the struggles I have faced. I was also able to share how I have been blessed in the midst of this tragedy. I just feel like I am on cloud nine and am at peace with finishing the course of treatment. I had really feared this surgery because of the recovery. But, I feel like since I had chemo, I can take almost anything. Where's that Rocky theme song?