Thursday, October 22, 2009

You know it has been a long day when . . .

I have been to the pediatrician twice and Target twice today and we are just getting home. I am glad I checked my bag before I left (the second time) because they charged me for a medicine for David but forgot to put in the bag - that would have been my 3rd trip to Target! David no longer has a fever but a barking cough now. Dawson got better but seemed to relapse today. I am happy that chemo was not scheduled for this week so I could be available to take care of the boys but I was also looking forward to a chemo free week AND some time to myself. Maybe next time.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Making Strides and taking temperatures

Thursday was a third week of chemo with the lovely Neulasta shot on Friday. Yesterday, Dawson came down with a fever and fortunately Pop and Gam took care of him while I tried to recover. This morning, I represented our family for "Team Barbara" at a very wet and cold Wilmington Making Strides walk. Needless to say, Dawson and I needed naps this afternoon. I hope he feels rested now - he only slept 4 hours!! I heard David coughing a lot this afternoon and now he has a fever too. Looks like tomorrow is pajama day in the Anderson household.

I was impresssed by the amount of people who came out for the walk on such a miserable day. I want to thank my team and also the husbands and grandparents who watched the little guys so we could do this today. We ended the walk with Pumpkin Lattes at Dunkin Donuts - very tasty!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My favorite pink ribbon product

Pink ribbon overload

Pink ribbons everywhere! October is breast cancer awareness month and it is hard to walk up and down the grocery aisles without seeing them. Unfortunately, I don't get to just think about it in October. My energy level is really starting to be affected by the chemo. I have learned that I have to rest every afternoon or I am not a nice mom. I don't need to sleep but do need to chill for a little while. That is the time when Dawson gets to watch TV and sometimes will ask me when I will rest because he wants his TV time.

We have signed up for the Making Strides walk in Wilmington this weekend. It is also the weekend of the 3-day walk in Philly and it looks like it will be cold and rainy. I will miss the experience of the 3-day but not the freezing tent. I'm not sure I will be able to walk in Wilmington because of my chemo on Thursday, but I can be a cheerleader!

The News Journal had a good article today about my particular kind of cancer. It does a good job of explaining how my cancer progresses.